How to Become a Paramedic or Ambulance Officer in Australia

By | May 14, 2022

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Who is a Paramedic?

  • Paramedic or Ambulance officers provide specialized transportation and emergency health care to the injured, sick, and elderly. They respond to accidents, emergencies, and requests for medical assistance, assess patients’ health and perform therapies, and administer treatments following protocol.
  • They transport accident victims to medical facilities and sick and disabled people for specialized treatment. Ambulance officers may be called to large public events such as concerts and sporting events where accidents and other health emergencies may occur. They also make certain that the ambulances are well-maintained and well-stocked with medical supplies.


Paramedic or Ambulance officers  Working conditions

  • There are 24 ambulance stations in the Perth metropolitan area, with another 160 in the country. Only Albany, Broome, Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Geraldton, Headland, Kalgoorlie, Mandurah, Northam, Norseman, and Pinjarra have fully qualified paramedics.
  • Most paramedics are assigned to metropolitan stations, but most are also assigned to rural locations after qualifying for up to a year. Paramedics work in shifts, with two 10-hour days, two 14-hour nights, and four days off per week. This can, however, vary depending on the needs of a specific station.

Tools and technologies used by Paramedic or Ambulance officers

  • Bandages, gauze padding, rubber gloves, and antiseptics are among the items used by paramedics. They also employ more advanced equipment, such as stretchers and various drugs, including high-strength analgesics.
  • Ambulances are also outfitted with resuscitation equipment, defibrillators (which use an electrical shock to correct an irregular heart rhythm), and other supplies and equipment to treat any injury or illness that may arise. Paramedics are also required to wear a uniform.

How to become a Paramedic or Ambulance officer?

Education and training

  • To become an ambulance officer, you usually need to study for a degree in paramedicine.
  • To become an ambulance officer in the private sector, you need to study a health science degree in paramedicine or equivalent.
  • Some universities in Western Australia offer relevant courses. Contact the universities you are interested in for more information.

Required registration and licensing

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