Study Tips

How to Properly Prepare for Exams – Study Tips & Guide: Find below our Quick checklist on how to be a good student, how to properly prepare for your examination, and how to Pass your examination without any difficulties. We shall keep updating this list as and when there is a need.

How to Properly Prepare for exams| Study Tips & Guide

  1. Give yourself enough time to study
  2. Organize your study space
  3. Take regular breaks whiles studying
  4. Forget about everything unessential
  5. Practice the learning style that suits you
  6. Practice old exams
  7. Plan your exam day
  8. Prepare Well and Don't Wait for the Last Minute
  9. Put Out the Negative Thoughts About the Examination
  10. Solve Past Questions
  11. Learn with Strategy
  12. Don't Depend on External help "Apor"
  13. Make Sure You do What the Questions Demand
  14. Get Organized
  15. Make A Study Plan
  16. Get Rid Of Destructive Materials
  17. Pay Attention In Class
  18. Ask Questions If You Don’t Understand
  19. Simplifying Study Notes
  20. Avoid Multitasking
  21. Getting Things In Practicals
  22. Teach What You Learn

How to Be Good in Mathematics and General Science

  1. Have a Positive Mindset about Maths and Science
  2. Do All of the Homework
  3. Never Miss Class for Maths and Science
  4. Find a Friend who is good in Maths and Science to Be your Study Partners
  5. Establish a Good Relationship with the Maths and Science Teacher
  6. Don't Swallow Your Questions
  7. Solve More of Maths and Science Past Questions